Hire More Women, Drive Impact

It's time to upgrade your career and build some powerhouse teams. Hire Women Week is the perfect opportunity for women job seekers to find great roles, level up their professional development, and to connect with hiring managers developing diverse workforces. Don't miss it –– let's show 'em what we're made of!

What to expect:

  • Speaker presentations for professional women, managers, and change-makers
  • Interactive Meetings with Industry Leaders
  • Mentor Matchmaking
  • Virtual Networking Day
  • IRL Meetups in Select Cities

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From networking events to panel discussions, Hire Women Week is the perfect opportunity for employers to learn more about the benefits of hiring women and for women to learn about the many job opportunities available to them.

Hire Women Week is remarkable because each panel and conversation feels geared towards elevating the knowledge and power of all women in the room. I loved that the diversity and flexibility of sessions made it easy to tune into content beyond my career path and learn more about women in tech I get to work with.

–Cara, SR Product Manager

Register todayApril 24-28, 2023

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Foram Soni Sheth Ama La Vida

Hannah Williams Salary Transparency Street

Jess StewartStrategic Business Guide


Connect with Hiring Teams

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Mentor Meetings

In 2022, you asked for more opportunities to
connect with mentors. We're delivering!

Thursday, April 27
Mentor Matchmaking

Mentee Applications Open April 10th
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One thing that really stuck out to me about Hire Women Week was how open all attendees, speakers, and hosts were to interact. I had so many meaningful networking conversations and instantly was brought into the community. I attended events both virtually and in-person and this applied to both. At other conferences I've felt it was so hard to even say hello outside of awkward introduction exercises. Hire Women Week really set itself above the rest and made me feel comfortable and welcome from start to finish.

–Jess, Pre-seed Founder

Meet The Organizers

Kelsey Stephens Event Producer

Marisa Alvarado Partnerships Chair

Lauren Schnapper Production Chair

Kati Presley Mentorship Chair

Faith Brown Sponsorship Chair

Sage Randall Community Chair

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the event for?

Hire Women Week is for everyone that believes women deserve equitable opportunities at work. The programming is designed for job seekers, professionals wanting guidance to accelerate their careers or get promoted, and hiring teams that want to increase gender equity on their teams.

Why do we need Hire Women Week?

–Women makeup only 24% of c-suite positions+
–Women earn between $0.54 to $0.87 to a white man's dollar+
–Women are 14% less likely to be promoted than their male colleagues +

That’s why we need you. Let’s increase the momentum together.

Which Events are virtual?

Only the events that specify a specific city are in person. Everything else will happen virtually, right here at HireWomenWeek.com

Which events are in person?

Events that specify a city location will be in person gatherings. Check to see if there is an in person gathering in your city at HireWomenWeek.com/meetups

How Much does it cost to sign up?

Hire Women Week is free for attendees!

How can I use this time to get a job?

We are inviting employers to share their open roles with you, and recommend you utilize all the session supporting job searching. Block your calendar Thursday to meet with a mentor and Friday to attend the Virtual Networking Fair.

I need accommodations. Who do I reach out to?

Please send us an email at events@ladybirdtalent.com and let us know how we can facilitate a better event experience for you.

Can Men Attend Hire Women Week?

Yes! We need our male allies to join the conversation. Please join as an attendee, mentor, and share any open roles you have!

How can my company get involved?

Fill out this form. We will be in touch!